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Slavic People View and Information from Slavic Countries

It is time to recognize that there is a variety of national opinions, that has right to exist in our world. On the planet, where some members of International Relations trying to substitute unique traditions and history of each nation with monopolar opinion and two-way standarts politics, everybody looking for some counter-force.

And the best way to fight with injustice, lies, hypocrisy, and the substitution of concepts is to open your own mind and seek for information from the direct source.
In reality we can't unconditionally belive National mass-media, journalists, TV or professional goverment experts, cause they can not be truly independent.
They working in closed environment with explicit and implicit constraints, both political and financial.

There is only one way to bypass the restrictions. You can seek and compose information personally, trying to rebuild a picture of the world one more time, using your own head, but not the TV. Its hard to collect reliable information personally, but if you started ones, none can stop you. Everyone, who forced you to accept distorted information, will be powerless, cause you will find objective sources of information, which don't try to convince you of something. Sources of information, which just speak about facts, allowing you to draw conclusions on your own.

General purpose of this Community is to speak about different social, political, geopolitical and economic subjects in the way we see them from Slavic's side in our national manner with the background of our traditions. This is an attempt to replace the lack of information of this kind, which occurred due to language barriers and because of government intervention in the process of new knowledge acquiring.

All Posts for this Community will be prepared by different people with different political predilections, citizenship and interests. All Posts will contain information from Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. Here you will find reports, analyzes, interviews, photos and videos, national Mass-media commentaries and translation of cyrilic articles.

We want to speak about Slavic's history and national politics. We want to speak about our cities and citizens. We want to speak about our leaders, as we see them, and about Slavic role in the world. We want to speak about our culture and traditions.

Also we want to speak about vodka and balalaika, because sometimes non-russians love them much more, than we are )))

We want to tell you our opinion and we have no need of your agreement with it, because we do not give advices.

We want you to listen us and to make your own choice.

We are the ones you call "Russians".

You are always welcome!